The Time Is N:OW, Indeed

So we just stumbled upon this brand called N:OW and we're pretty blown away by both the clothing itself and incredibly reasonable pricepoints. I mean, what a fucking relief, especially considering the hottest trend in the streets right now is putting zero effort into the design process and all of the effort into extortionist price tags. But the coolest thing about N:OW has got to be the option to buy an entire fit for $150 assuming you're heavy into matchy-matchy vibes. The time is now, indeed.


4 Responses to “The Time Is N:OW, Indeed”

  1. WAVY

    Ima rock the shit out of that see-through blouse! Stuntin on them fools with my nipples pierced and all that.

  2. creative for hire. JacksonBall

    the website is pretty confusing. it shows clothes that are not really for sale… and has no description on materials used.


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