The True Measure Of A Backpack Connoisseur

I feel like we haven’t had a ridiculously expensive backpack on here in a while. And visvim’s Ballistic 20L is just that. Weighing in at a whopping $687, the 20L may look kinda like that rad Jansport you got from Target, but this one has suede accents and RiRi zippers and cool ass curved clips so you can artfully roll up your rainshell and display it on the side of your pack. How artfully you can clutter up your backpack is the true measure of a backpack connoisseur.

  • averagemanfitnessandstyle

    The backpack is dope! Shinola makes some sick leather backpacks too for like $500+.

  • Andy

    Does this mean visvim is now going to start tacking their name onto all sorts of mediocre gear? Is visvim over? Was visvim ever real?