The Types Of People You See At New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is back! That means countless shows, three free drinks per person and an unfathomable amount people. Too many people, really, most of whom are merely there to step on the necks of their fellow fashion types in an effort to ascend to the next tier of underpaid and overworked part-time employment. There are insufferable assholes of all shapes and sizes, from the who's not who of street style photography to the once upon a time relevant designers desperately clinging to their glory days. In fact, it's all these terrible people that make NYFW great. And we absolutely cannot wait to have 2 minute conversations with all of them.

  • Is this

    “Because what kind of normal man wears a tunic, double breasted jacket, leather pants and neon sneakers on a motherfucking Tuesday afternoon?!?!”


  • Deaunte Shugart

    The model doesn’t want to fuck your girlfriend he wants to fuck you, will you let him? your choice..


    • JB

      Surprisingly, most male models are straight. Which is a shame considering they look like 14 yr old boys.

  • JB

    #4. PR girls don’t wear color.

  • Luke

    Not gonna lie, The model who is more than a pretty face, is a fucking beautiful man… [the one and only time I will say no homo (not because I am usually homo, but because I don’t usually say homo stuff)].

  • cynic

    Funny that the first one listed is “The Struggle Blogger” when that so perfectly defines the boys behind this silly blog.

    • lawlz

      “silly” and you’re reading/commenting on it

  • New Balance Boot Cut

    LOL at the lost dude one. That was good.