The Worst Fashion Trends In The NBA

Of all the great lies the world has been told, the biggest is that NBA players are well-dressed. Don't believe me? Well, GQ gave Michael Jordan a cover back in the day and look how that turned out. In reality, most of the big name players have the same few stylists that dress them all in the same Dwyane Wade in 2009 clothes, a look that was widely ridiculed at the time. Other than that, it's Tyson Chandler going Urban AmishNick Young actually being great at clothes or grabbing the biggest size of whatever shirts they're selling at Express these days. We've come a long way from Samaki Walker, but as you'll see, there's still much work to be done.

Trey Kerby is a writer living in Toronto. You can follow him on Twitter here.

  • Rasheedovic

    agreed on the dopp kit, dwight and andrew bynum(if you’re talking about his new haircut). the rest is whatever..

  • jg

    The fuck is wrong with a sidepart? That’s how white people’s hair works.

  • Blackmon

    Fuck racist ass Four-Pins… Nothing wrong with an Afro

    • lawrences

      Blackmon, did you skip the white guy edition on the next slide? Or our “Token Black Guy Chronicles” series?

      • Blackmon

        The Token Black Guy Chronicles is supposed to be proof that Four-pins isn’t racist? Seems more like proof that it is.

        I’m sure/I hope you guys aren’t trying to be racist, but… [See Comment in response to MaG]

  • nbg

    four pins needs more trey kerby

    • lawrences

      Agreed. You hear that, Trey?

  • MaG

    Yeah, Blackmon, listen to Lawrence and chill out. i’m a brother. four pins is not racist. and plus, maaaad brothers then, and now, was on some real non-stylish wearing whatevs the f*ck they want (i.e. bynum’s mushroom cut, bynum’s everyday attire). good job, trey. and don’t forget, the homie derrick coleman was horrible at dressing himself.

  • Blackmon

    (The Way that Black people’s hair naturally grows)* some soap company*

  • Blackmon

    (The Way that Black people’s hair naturally grows)*** some soap company**

  • Tjay

    Um, how are shin guards and leg accessories a fashion trend? Most guys in the NBA need those because they’ve been hurt in those areas in the past or they’re real weak/vulnerable in those areas, like D.Rose’s ankles for instance. I’m still confused about the dark basketball shoes and white socks too. I mean, it’s just a black shoe and a white sock. It’s like ya’ll are comparing it to wearing man-dals with socks or or something. Yeah I said it, man-dals.

  • Elvisio

    all on point as far as i’m concerned except that samaki walker’s outfit is obviously amazing

  • John Rah

    I can explain Lebron’s Dopp Kit. In need of one Lebron sent his assistant to acquire one. The assistant goes on to purchase one, and she/he purchases the biggest one she/he can find. Given the average height of people, between 5’4 – 6’0, the dopp kit looked massive, but when given to Lebron who is 6’9, the dopp kit looks tiny (also see Lebron’s samsung commercial, that phone is fucking huge! But he makes it look small). Don’t call me a Lebron lover, if I was I would excuse him for carrying his dopp kit, he has a perfectly functional backpack, he should put it in before people criticize him for having a small dopp kit.

  • Broadway E

    Funny article, but the person who wrote this sounds like they don’t play sports. The leg accessories and knee pads are for leg cramps, protection and blood circulation.

    Also, what wrong with side parts? What’s a better option for white guys?

  • Michele D’Agnillo

    Man I still think allover print shirts are dope. I don’t think anyone would argue that Gitman Vintage is always on point.

  • easton

    i dont see how kirk hinrich wearing glasses (which he most likely needs) and two leg sleeves is ‘over-accessorizing’