The Worst Lookbook Cliches Of All Time

So, you’ve landed your first lookbook shoot. You're blowing up, that's good, fantastic. Not only are you halfway through the Four Pins guide to blog megastardom that Jon Moy will write next week, but you’re about to play a crucial supporting role in shaping a brand’s “aesthetic”. I’m sure in the client meeting you were like, “Lookbooks are all the same. I think your brand demands something truly different.” But you read the Pinz, bro, and you know lookbooks—though essential to your particular niche brand, indie shop, collabo or capsule collection—are ubiquitous as shit. You see them literally every day. You may have had grand conceptual ambitions at the beginning, but as soon as you started game planning the shoot you knew you were doomed. Everything has been done before. Just accept that even the best lookbooks are some combination of only a handful of well worn tropes and key elements. The only real skill is in deciding which of those clichés best fits your abilities and client needs. Let’s explore your options.

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

21 Responses to “The Worst Lookbook Cliches Of All Time”

  1. Jahn Hall

    yup. that pretty much sums up every hashtagger’s tumblr.

  2. Armando

    This dude’s writing… I felt like he was yelling at me… Not cool.

  3. Tanya S Davis

    Another winner: No models of any kind! Put that jacket on a pottery wheel and let people guess how it might hang on a perfect body, let alone their own candle-in-the-sun physique.
    I miss the simple days of Armani suits, fresh fruits, Bally boots and Benzes.

  4. Dubsco

    yeah, yeah….shit works, even when being made fun of…..

  5. SC

    I can’t stand shots of people “skating” who you can tell don’t. anything that looks too forced is a bad idea

  6. James

    I had a feeling Goodhood’s latest would be in there. I’m sick to death of Adrianne Ho and other such girls in snapbacks too.

  7. wolf juice

    This site is entertaining in it’s efforts to regulated cool. But sometimes it’s not enough to destroy, one must also build. Where’s the follow up article offering better alternatives?


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