They Don’t Have Cholos In Australia

Publish’s DeLaLo caps are a heady mix of 5 panel and traditional baseball caps and 100% en fuego. I’m pretty sure that’s grammatically incorrect, but, please, you’re talking to a guy who didn’t know what "cholo" meant until 15 minutes ago. We don't have those in Oz. These dome accessories are made with a pretty impressive attention to detail—they feature all metal eyelets and a pindot embroidered metallic paisley. For all you red, white and blue motherfuckers, they’re made in the same country that made you, so you can take a day off from your China bashing. Though, at $38 a pop, you could have fooled me.

  • No More Free Randy

    Haha great piece. Honestly refreshing that you didn’t know cholo. Beginning to feel like we all live in the same place…and not in a good way.

    • Randy Lai

      They don’t call it the circle jerk for nothing..motherfuckers
      literally stood around the one corner I’ve never been to in Soho cranking each other off (y)

  • Melbourne 4 lyfe

    Wait, what? Four-Pins has Australian writers, no way. Everything here costs a ton and is hard to find.

    • Randy Lai

      I put my city on…but not really, because Queensland is an anal cavity. So really I aggressively co-opt Sydders and Melbourne instead