The Thirstiest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Tweets

Did you watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night? While we've already reviewed the various outlandish alphets, last night millions of Americans were blessed by the so-called "Angels" in riveting HD video. Many men (and a few women) did not take these blessings lightly, hitting social media hard to proclaim their undying love for these women (read: innate desire to have sexual intercourse). It's moments like these that crank up the heat in Twitter's already quite vast desert wasteland to all time record highs. Here we select a few of last night's most entertainingly parched.

  • Crawford Roark

    This is gold.

  • Tamires Mandacaru

    None of these dudes have sex, geeez. o.O

  • James Harris

    This is just men talking dirty.

    • rozzy

      Naw it is some females too lol

  • Taj

    “imma eat taylor swift’s ass before I die” wins.

  • Tanya Tate

    I missed it. Can I get a replay? :)