This Is How You Get A Job At Four Pins

This 100% lambswool sweater has a chest pocket with a zipper closure, making it a pretty unique flower in the crowded meadow of lambswool sweaters. All you need to know about YMC is that I first met Schlossman outside of the YMC booth at some tradeshow, like, a billion years ago. I remember I made fun of him for having to go back to his day job and miss another tradeshow the next day. Then we smoked menthols and bonded over how much we loved menthols. THAT’S HOW YOU GET A JOB AT FOUR PINS.




3 Responses to “This Is How You Get A Job At Four Pins”

  1. .

    i’ll see you guys out the front of YMC next year with my CV and a pack of newports then yeah

  2. Michael

    i’m gonna incredible mr. ripley Jon Moy and that is how I will work for four pins.

  3. Michael Di Gennaro

    I saw a light fleece version of this at J Crew yesterday. ITS NICER BTW


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