This Is What A Rick Owens Lunchbox Looks Like

This is what a Rick Owens lunchbox looks like. Stare at it. Take it in. Study its nuance. Admire its washed cowhide leather exterior. Like the Jil Sander leather lunch bag before it, there isn't really a point to, or even a handle on this shit, meaning you're either going to have to hold it under your arm like a boner or put it in another bag, at which point it's, like, why did you buy a Rick Owens lunchbox in the first place?

  • queb

    You’re supposed to carry it with both hands raised above your head yelling, “I HAVE A RICK OWENS LUNCHBOX!”

  • kek

    Why did he bother? Every self-respecting Gothninja keeps their sandwiches in their pocket, next to their passport.

  • Dick Rooster

    This can only mean that Ricky will be upgrading his pockets to be able to fit a lunchbox. Next stop? Pockets big enough to fit a mini-fridge. Don’t you plebs know that Ricky can have a cookie whenever he wants?

  • KCKing

    There’s a guy in my office, Joe, in IT………….that fucker’s been eyeing this lunchbox.