This Is Your Captain Speaking

This is your captain speaking, I'm high right now.

Updated takes on the typical bomber will always get covered here at Four Pins. And this Maharishi number, on sale now for $150 at Oi Polloi, is no different. So, pretend you don't have your credit card number memorized, rip that shit out of your wallet and acquire. Coked and/or navy-d out with two huge zip pockets instead of the traditional flap and snaps, it also possesses the almighty double zipper (praise be unto him). And, let's be honest, if your jacket doesn't have double zippers, you're buying the wrong jackets. Every item with a zip front is objectively 400% better with double zips. 'Rishi also decked this thing out with "NanoSphere" technology, which means that even though it's as white as your average country club, it'll repel water and dirt with unrivaled cleanliness and a subtle hint of jasmine. You could always cop the navy and be boring, but we know you want to get your Bieber on. Hopefully, you can sidle up to a supermodel as well as the gawd.

  • WAVY

    Metaphor game weak, privileged Caucasian background, v punchable face, struggle attempts at ebonics, shamelessly swagger jackin Moy, unjustifiably big ego. Oyez, oyez, oyez! Woolf is dead, long live Skylar Bergl!

    • Lawrence

      y’all are a bunch of fucking savages smfh

  • BigSpense$

    feeling this jacket and word 150 aint badddd. feeling those long ass zippered pockets. however those zipper pulls need to hop in the pool and get some shrinkage lil too long one of those things is bound to get caught on something

  • London Calling

    The link to the Oi Polloi site isn’t working :-/