The Season’s Most Fashionable Yarmulkes

In case you weren't aware, tonight is the first night of Hanukkah aka Chanukah aka Chanukkah aka Chanuka aka the Festival of Lights aka arguably the least important Jewish holiday aka the only thing Jewish kids have standing between them and feeling left the fuck out when everybody else is celebrating Christmas. And we here at Four Pins refuse to slack on our holiday macking. If you couldn't already tell by my last name, I am an official Jewish style authority (as seen in Bar Mitzvah Magazine's "30 Under 30: Least Influential Jews In Fashion 2013" list), so I took it upon myself to whip up something special for my menorah lighting fam. See, yarmulke fashion is all the rage in menswear right now. This is fantastic news for all my brethren considering how much play Christmas fashion normally gets this time of year. Well, guess what? All you fools on Santa's good list are about to get flexed on.

  • Nico

    this might just be the weirdest thing you guys have ever posted

    • Nick Grant

      MIGHT BE?

  • GD


  • Art

    Wearing fashion trends on the crown of your head. Fuck yeah

  • Jagen

    Finally some fashionable temple headwear. Can we get some complementing tallis love next?

  • Tjay

    Give the guy who Photoshopped/created these Yarmulkes some props. This is cool as fudge. Yes, I said fudge.

  • ZoĆ«

    Bar Mitzvah Magazine…. is some real shit. This is awesome.

  • Desiree

    Cool yarmulkes. Would have been nicer if Four Pins used its own photography and not photoshopped someone else’s.

    • SZMatheson

      Do you actually expect the writer to make 11 bizarre yarmulkes out of expensive materials just for this article?

  • WAVY

    Hate to catch you slipping but #9 obviously ain’t a patch pocket




      smh for real…

  • Marc

    How you guys resisted linking this/including this is beyond me

    • Justin

      *chokes on own vomit

  • Sittin Shivah

    …you did this one already no?

  • Bdeezle

    You can hide your weed in there !!

  • TopBananas

    does this type of thing exist? is it seen as offensive? i’m just curious because i don’t know.

  • Anastasia D.

    Jew goth ninja… oh my god.

  • kaboozleheimer

    who run the world

  • aiouh

    dead at the double monk

  • basedworldforlife

    you playin like we wouldn’t notice yall recyclin this one—but we did

  • Howard

    where da balmain biker yarmulke at??

  • Good Job!

    Awesome anti-Semitism, everyone! Just all around really, really, really good and top-notch anti-Semitism. Just really good job at it.