Thom Browne’s Guide To Wearing Thom Browne Like Thom Browne

Few American designers have ascended the ranks of cult-like worship as gratuitously as Thom Browne. The CFDA winner and all-around menswear darling has humbly come a long way since his bygone days as an Armani salesman, honing his craft several years thereafter at Club Monaco before launching his eponymous label. Browne's trademark shrunken Baby Gap silhouette is nearly as recognizable as the real reason people wear his clothes in the first place—the tri-colored grosgrain #menswear badge of honor that adorns way too many jacket cuffs, shirt plackets, and heels. Perhaps his signature cut is the reason why my Club suits of yore never really fit right, but I am no CFDA recipient so maybe your boy is just anatomically inadequate. If Oki-Ni is to be believed, Thom Browne released a nifty little guide that definitively shows how you're supposed to wear his clothes so you'll never be mistaken by another lousy street style urchin again. What a relief! Important things like trouser hems being no more than three feet above your shoes to making sure your tie is neatly tucked just above the base of your penis are all covered in this 100% official, TB-endorsed picture guide. So get while the getting is good, Young Munchkin, and flex on your cowardly peers with this straight from the god's mouth knowledge that has been bestowed upon you.