Throw Some Ventile On That Bitch

Nigel Cabourn is like Rich Boy, but with clothing. Do you guys remember Rich Boy? “Throw some D's” is a really fun song. I like when he says, "New money motherfucker check the knot" or something along those lines. I guess I just really wish my name was Polow da Don because that is the best fucking name ever. Anyways, what I was trying to get at is, instead of throwing D's on that bitch, Nigel Cabourn throws ventile on that bitch. These Nigel Cabourn x Converses sneakers feature said ventile in navy blue and OD green. Make sure every freak has a picture of your dick on their wall by April 11th.

3 Responses to “Throw Some Ventile On That Bitch”

  1. MaG™

    how do you think Polow Da Don is the best name ever. Jon? really? i’d take Bishop Magic Don Juan any day over that. but that song still knocks. good a*s summertime cookout booty shorts (for ladies, not men) jam.

  2. niGHTMAre_777

    That’s it. I’ve had it with you fourpins. Your mention of Cabourn and Rich Boy in the same sentence is too much: your blog is too great. Now i’ll go back to my shit pile of a website and punch my own ass.


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