Thuggies Are Officially The Worst

Yo, what the fucking fuck, Canada? You keep exporting bullshit like this and we’ll keep treating you like America’s disappointing step-sibling. I mean, “Thuggies”? I’m just gonna gloss over the not that subtle at all racism involved in naming your oversized hoodie a goddamn "Thuggie," because that is some low hanging fruit and we here at Four Pins pride ourselves for only shitting on the most worthy of being shitted on.

First off, OVERSIZED HOODIES AND T-SHIRTS ALREADY EXIST IN A PURE, LEGITIMATE FORM. It’s called buying a size too big. So, like, if you want to look awesome you can simply rock a XXL Hanes T-shirts. I don’t like that this company is actually trying to poke fun at the tall tee look. FUCK YOU, THUGGIES, the tall tee look is one of our rare universal truths. Skinny dudes and dudes that are super diesel both look good in tall tees. Also, a white T-shirt and jeans with some crispy sneakers is just what the doctor ordered most, if not all, days—funerals and weddings and brises not withstanding. So again, fuck you for your attempt at making fun of a particular style for profit. It’s almost like you're trying to clown on me for still bumping the "Ruff Ryders' Anthem," but you failed to realize THAT SHIT STILL BANGS HARD AS A MOTHERFUCKER AND I DARE YOU TO NOT BARK AT SOMEONE AFTER IMMEDIATELY HEARING SAID ANTHEM OF OUR GENERATION'S ROUGHEST RYDERS. Shit, just writing about that song is charging my gully meter up to full bar status.

Also, you get a negative bajillion points because I get the sneaking suspicion you called your dumb product a "Thuggie" to capitalize on the Snuggie "trend." You know what's worse than trend humping? Trend humping profiteering. You know what's worse than trend humping profiteering? Trend humping profiteering a dead trend. You do realize that your entire fucking business plan is focused on the longevity of the Snuggie's popularity. Do me a favor, walk over to the dude who runs the Forecasting Department and punch him square in his left testicle. Let me guess, your next product is going to be a zip up Booty Pop, right?

In summation, wearing tall tees from Hanes is not something that should be made fun of. Anyone who spends $85 dollars on this, even as a gag gift, is dead to me. Talk about an egregious gross misuse of funds. AND I SAY THIS AS SOMEONE WHO WRITES ABOUT THINGS LIKE $1000 BOOKS FOR A LIVING. I know this shit is totally marketed at white, overweight middle Americans who still think saying “getting jiggy with it” is fucking hilarious, but that doesn't make it right. Go ahead and keep lacing future generations of assholes in Thugglets because I guess if this proves anything it's that we've already given up.

  • MaG

    the sh*t sounds like diapers for black kids. some racist bullsh*t. i just see gangs of rednecks and overzealous frat boys buying this sh*t for the “homies” on Christmas. i’d rather eat cold filet balls then rock this weird nonsense.

    and Ruff Ryders Anthem is the sh*t. any argument gets you a two piece to the jawline.

  • bwesty

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    • Kevin

      bwesty, you the best!

      • L33

        made my day.

  • jabbs

    wtf is your problem? who cares what people wear if they want it then why not make it? if you dont like it then dont buy it. they arent being racist or anything like that. I happen to think this idea is awesome, when i snowboard my thuggie keeps me warm and toasty. So instead on hating on a piece of clothing why dont you put your efforts into something that could be useful. idgaf I rock a thuggie. P.S america is the retarded step-sibbling just look at your shitty ass economie. hahaha fucking american.

    • Tyler

      Economie lol.

  • J.J. Jingleheimerschmidt

    You should try not wearing pants (a Thuggie instead) once in a while, as it sounds like you might have some tightness issues down by where your ass is.

  • Teo

    Yo man, I just got put onto this website. I actually own a Thuggie.
    You own one? you tried one? or are you to fucking short sighted and to close minded to even give it a go? I don’t wear mine to events or in public, but they are fucking awesome for just lazing around the house. And this Tall Tee shit that Americans are fucking splashing about is bullshit, it looks fucking retarded, get a normal tee-shirt. I love my thuggie for the pure fact that it is comfortable as hell and I don’t have to wear pants around the house anymore.
    Just be a bit more open minded bro.
    Cheers, Teo McArthur

  • ThuggieLover

    I think Thuggies are great. Bought one for my husband and he loved it so much he bought one for me a couple months later. I also bought a 6-pack of Chuggies.. Not sure why you hate them so much? Thuggies are well-made and reflect a fun lifestyle where pants are optional and it’s about having a good time.

    • Cana-who?

      HAHAHAHA WTF is a Chuggie?! Did you actually read what you wrote right there? “a fun lifestyle where pants are optional” …dear christ.

  • AG

    Damn that Thuggie is hot fire! Why didn’t you leave the website where I can buy one. I buy a oversized hoody that shit is all big in the shoulders and sleeves…What if all I want is some mother fucking length. Problem solved. I’m copping erry color.

  • Jake

    Never have I ever been more offended by a fellow American. Not only was this written out of pure disregard for a company who has nothing against you, I have no idea how you credit yourself for anything. How can you possibly take yourself seriously, or rather how can anyone take you seriously with such use of offensive language? I understand that everyone in the United States has a right to free speech, so I applaud your use of expression, but you sit put shame to everyone who calls themselves an American. Your views are very simple minded and one sided. Do you even know what Thuggies are even about? Did you take the time to research the company? Talk to their reps? Even leave a note on their Facebook page? I bet not. You wrote that you write on $1000 boooks. I bet you’re doing a fantastic job seeing that you have come down to company criticisms. You also call this company racist yet in your first sentence you wrote “Yo, what the fucking fuck, Canada”. If anyone is a racist, it’s you.

    Next time you try to write on something, try using your intellect instead of your over sized ego.

    I doubt you have the intellect to comprehend what I’m saying and you’re probably raging real hard right now. I hope you’ll think twice next time you talk down to a company to whom you know nothing about. I can tell from your writing that you probably took an into to business class that taught your terms such as forecasting. I also love how you say that thuggie will only last as long as the snuggle is around. The snuggle is no longer around in terms of media presence but look who’s still kicking?

    Ps. I’m an American. I appreciate what Thuggies has done and love their lifestyle. They don’t mock the tall-t lifestyle, they embrass it with open arms. I’m a skier and a snowboarder, I work at a ski resort. And live around the tall t community and they love the thuggie.

    My suggestion to you:
    Do some research next time, be a little more open minded, look at what markets the company is in (you obviously didn’t do this), and calm down… What did Thuggies ever do to you?

    Jake Ngo
    College student

    • Rede

      Yo, you realize you just wrote a novel in defense of an over-sized hoodie, right? Maybe you take yourself a little too god damn seriously. Also, Canadian isn’t a race so your argument there is invalid. You snowboard bros need to relax.

    • Luke

      lol. you sir clearly don’t have anything better to do with your time.

  • Iris M

    Life is short, live it long. Words to live by.

    By the way, over usage of swear words & caps lock just makes you sound butthurt.

  • Dom

    You should try a Thuggie, not wearing pants will do good for your sweaty, steroid-shrunk balls.
    But really, they’re not a pun on “Tall” T culture (which by the way, is not just buying a size too big, that just looks stupid, shirts don’t actually get much longer, if at all, as the sizing goes up). They’re straight from the ski culture, with an emphasis on NOT WEARING PANTS. That’s it, that’s all. We just want to not wear pants.

  • Parker

    Proud Thuggie owner. I recommend one to everyone who lives in a colder climate that likes to relax after a long day of riding at your local resort. Snowboarding, hot tub, followed by a movie with the friends and we all thug out in our Thuggies. Side note: “Yo, what the fucking fuck, Canada?” that’s racist you asshole. Please stop representing America, I’m embarrassed for you.

  • Kevin

    First of all, wearing “tall tees” from Hanes by buying a shirt that is two or three sizes too big is absolutely something that should be made fun of. Do you realize how ridiculous you look? You may think you look good, but you don’t. See, the difference between you and the people who buy Thuggies, we don’t care what other people think. We wear Thuggies because we like them, they are comfortable, and we hate pants. Some people like it, some people hate it; doesn’t affect us either way. If you think some nobody like you going on a rant is going to change that, you are dumber than you sound.

    Which brings me to my second point. It is impossible to feel offended by your rant. Do people actually take you seriously? “[T]he tall tee look is one of our rare universal truths”. REALLY? A universal truth? “Also, you get a negative bajillion points”. Oh man, I don’t know how we are going to get out of this points hole. A bajillion, that is an insane amount of points to lose. You sure that you don’t want to tame it down a bit. Maybe a negative million, or billion, you know, a real number. If i didn’t know any better, I would assume that a 13 year old wrote this.

    And, to your first point, don’t you think that limiting the word Thug to one race is a little racist on your part? When did a thug become someone of a specific race? There are white, black, Hispanic, and Asian thugs the last time I check. So which one is Thuggies being racist towards exactly? Thuggies started out on a ski slope by the way, making fun of snowboarders in over-sized hoodies and ski jackets. Which one of your racist definitions of thugs fits that profile?

    Lastly, I will never trust the “fashion” advice of someone who calls this, , relevant.

    In summation, haters gonna hate, but you ain’t gonna change the way we think or what we wear.

    A Thuggie Funbassador

    And to answer your question, Yes, I did write this while wearing one of my Thuggies.

    • Brandi

      Win <3 lifes short live it long

    • Tjay

      Why the hell are so many people writing novels in defense about an oversized fucking hoodie?

  • Tyler

    ITT: Whole lotta butthurt bros.

  • Alan

    Sometimes I just can’t deal with y’all.

  • Brandi

    Life is short live it long

  • Brandi

    From what I got out of this is, people shouldn’t make fun of someones fashion choice. Yet this is what your whole rant is about. Which makes your argument invalid .

  • Sean Bowie

    You sir, are an idiot. A marvelously astounding idiot. You were obviously having a tough time coming up with something to write about (and by write I mean rant incoherently) and I daresay you picked a very poor target indeed. That in itself is not a good start but you then proceeded to say so many stupid things that any credibility you might have had (I say this out of charitable ignorance to you, I have no idea who you are so though it seems extraordinarily unlikely you may actually have some credibility with some people) is shot to hell.

    As someone who likes to go on a rant or two of my own from time to time, I strongly suggest that you pick your targets more carefully, consider some sort of research into the topic, and write in such a way that does not make you sound like an angry child having a tantrum.

    Good Day

    • Cana-who?


  • John Lugg

    This thing seems like a very good thing to masturbate in.

    The Thuggie that is. Not the comment chain.

    • lawrences


    • Untitled

      Fourpins users everywhere, secretly purchasing, and cutting out a hole in the middle.

  • Heath

    Y’all never heard of a fucking joke before. If you hadn’t deduced it yet, you’re on a comedic fucking blog. Take the stick out of your ass.

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  • Deuce

    Teach me how to Thuggie. Now errbody love me

  • bearski

    it appears that the majority of these posters don’t get Four Pins. Have any of you ever read their other posts? I’m afraid for our future, it seems the younger generation cannot recognize sarcasm…

  • shnbz

    Thuggies are for pussies.

  • ignants

    do they make a slim fit?

  • Braeza

    I’m a lil longer in the torso, can I catch me a Tall Thuggie? Tuggie? I need that shit draping down to my damn calves, MF.

  • Toggly

    It’s almost like there’s a record full of incomprehensible bullshit playing in your mind 24/7, and you put the needle down randomly and whatever it picks up, you just type it into this blog.

    • Snug

      It’s almost as if your inability to deduce comedic value from literature means you’re consistently butthurt by the Internet.

  • d-dawg

    Way to actually write an article that people care about Jon Moy! Seems like the first time you actually get people commenting! Haha

  • Cana-who?

    This chain is just proof that Canada has no fucking clue what’s going on. #menswear just cut you off.

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  • Israel Daramola

    who knew that thuggies would be such a divisive issue.


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  • JHilla

    Is this had so much as a single stone of rhine I would kawp

  • STOPdrop

    Jon Moy, I just wanna bark at people with you. <3 HollerAtchyoGurl WOOF

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  • Jake

    More outcry over insulting thuggies than implying Ray Lewis is a murderer in the Gant Rugger sweater post.

  • jay

    Yo, when is the chill-tent cabana version of this gonna be released, The Thug Mansion. If you think thats a stretch you obvs havent seen crocs backpacks

  • Zaner

    I thought this shit was hilarious… I don’t care how serious it was or wasn’t, that was next level type tomfuckery, b.

  • JP

    funny thing is, if they were only made for women, it’d actually work…. with a few adjustments of course

  • Michael Riddering

    This is how you know Thuggies has created a brand that will stick around…look at all of the user-generated-content created about their brand. Not only do people buy Thuggies? But they want to identify with the brand and are constantly taking pictures of themselves in Thuggies and sharing it on social media. Whether you like it or not…Thuggies has created an awesome brand. Not to mention that the whole style is so unique that it makes it awesome.