Tips For Going To Prison

Yo, Union is pretty much the G of the expensive boutique scene. They seriously only took two photos of this $832 CDG jacket. AND BOTH PHOTOS ARE OF THE BACK. That’s fucking crazy. And what we industry insiders refer to as a "power move". It’s like when you’re in prison and someone challenges you like, “Yo, that’s my seat, bitch.” And you act like you’re gonna give your seat up, walk away and then when he sits down, you BASH HIS FUCKING HEAD IN WITH YOUR LUNCH TRAY. One time I was buying weed from some dude and he thought that because of my physical stature I would need a few tips if I ever went to prison. He more or less combined scared straight with the complete opposite of scared straight. I just remember that tip and that he called good weed "popcorn," which makes no fucking sense.

  • Shaun Sinclair

    lol this was hard to read

  • Dave s

    Jon Moy you have the joy of writing in you.