Tips For Landing Your First Job In Fashion

Finding that first, entry-level job in fashion is a flat out bitch. There’s no other way to put it. Everyday I read another story about how some editor just “fell into” it. Like, he was just smugly as fuck walking down the block and little ol’ Jimmy Moore was like, “Hey guy with the skinny tie, do you want to be an editor and bank some Conde cash?” Meanwhile, I’m sitting over here not even working for peanuts, being a glorified slave and not even eating lunch on a good day. And I still can’t find any type of place that won’t laugh directly in my face when I ask if they’re hiring. So, since I’m officially an expert on getting denied, I thought I might dole out some sage advice on what to do. Or, maybe, what not to do? What the fuck do I know? I’m still unemployed.

  • Mitch

    You missed my patented technique of getting drunk off your ass and forgetting everyone you meet for an entire summer and somehow end up on Four-Pins.

  • Tiago

    Hilarious, as always!

  • Tjay

    This shit made me half die laughing and half scared as hell since my ass is heading into the fashion industry my senior year of college. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to intern for a blog letting out my asshole personality in the form of writing on a menswear blog as well as my dude James here.


    Stillllllll laughing…I think there’s some serious merit to 10 and 11 tho