19-Year-Old Accused Of Barneys Theft Because He Is Black

Racial profiling associated with the "stop and frisk" policies utilized by the NYPD is undoubtedly one of New York City's worst kept and most poorly regarded secrets. And it's apparent that now, this unconstitutional stereotyping has extended beyond lower income neighborhoods, into Midtown Manhattan and one of the world's most famous upscale retailers, Barneys NY.

This morning, the New York Daily News reported how back on April 29th, Trayon Christian, a 19-year-old Queens resident, went to Barneys in search of a Ferragamo belt he coveted after seeing Juelz Santana wearing a similar model (why Trayon is still looking to Juelz for fashion advice is another story). Following his purchase of the $349 accessory and leaving the store, he was immediately apprehended, arrested and detained by two detectives who, after receiving a tip from a Barneys store clerk, assumed that Trayon's debit card was fake. In essence, they assumed that he—a young black man—couldn't possible have had the money to purchase the belt on his own. If that sounds like a completely unreasonable assumption, the two detectives were quoted asking Trayon, "How could you afford a belt like this? Where did you get this money from?" In fact, Trayon has a job and he gets paid for that job and he can use that money to buy ugly Ferragamo belts if he so chooses.

As you'd expect, Trayon is suing for what he went through, while at this time the specific amount of damages he is seeking is unknown. Sure, it's not completely fair to make the assumption that the store clerk who reported Trayon or for the detectives that detained him are bonafide racists, but the system in place used for apprehending young men suspected of crimes certainly seems skewed towards those of color, as do many luxury stores' methods for "loss prevention".

As of the time of writing this, Barneys has yet to respond to these allegations.

Update: After previously declining to comment to the New York Daily NewsBarneys' Facebook page has been updated with the following, as attributed to a company spokesperson:

“Barneys New York typically does not comment on pending litigation. In this instance, we feel compelled to note that after carefully reviewing the incident of last April, it is clear that no employee of Barneys New York was involved in the pursuit of any action with the individual other than the sale. Barneys New York has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination and we stand by our long history in support of all human rights.”

  • theone101

    wow i hope he gets a shit load of cash what embarrassment as a black young man(22) who shops regularly at Barneys i wish a mother fucker would

    • uoeno

      nigga said i wish a mother fucker would lmao

      • Class A Rando

        $349 belt UOENO IT (all of them knew it)

  • fuckinyehdotcom

    But of course, when Jake Woolf writes a commentary on the Rick Owens SS14 runway show comparing the black female models to prison inmates, there’s nothing untoward whatsoever.

    FOUR PINS – Articles like this show that you clearly understand some of the issues at hand. Please tighten your editorial line, because you’ve got the potential to completely kill this menswear thing if you can teach your ‘more enlightened’ (read: ‘in denial’) writers about their shortcomings and push the innovative, considered, entertaining and refreshing perspectives that make the rest of your articles so fun to read otherwise.

    Respect to this dude, hope he takes them for every fucking penny they have.

    • Nick Grant

      But some of the women in the Rick Owens show were white so where are you going with this comment? People gotta chill with this shit. In fact, YOU are the one in the wrong for associating prison-inmates = black ppl, no? Are you not indulging in the stereotyping by trying to call him out on it, when there is no reference to it?

      Jake is in no way racist kinda maybe sorta racist but nah.

      • fuckinyehdotcom

        And if you want to conjecture that it was the White women in that show that pushed Jake to lump them all in as convicts after countless fashion runway shows with all-white casts that didn’t, you be my guest. I’m not gonna be so jaded and complicit with apologism for bigotry.
        Me? I don’t remember people heralding the Street Etiquette Black Ivy shoot for transforming the models into the cast from St. Trinians. I remember a bunch of bigots telling black people to remember their place. If the Rick Owens show had anything to do with white women, then every runway show that’s ever existed could have triggered that prison reference, but apparently it was THIS cast that looked like prison inmates. I’ll say it again, you want to back up a statement so clearly entrenched in muddy, dirty and oppressive preconceptions? Be my guest dude.

        • Nick Grant

          OK now you’re trolling, right? Because you’re just being silly not. Did you see all of these women? Can you really compare the white women in this show to your “typical” (and I say this loosely) runway model? No. Can you compare them to the burly women you “generally” (and I say this loosely, too) see in prisons? Absolutely.

          Here’s the thing. There are shows with a mix of black & white runway models that nobody says shit about. This one had black & white runway models who looked like they could fuck somebody up. That’s the difference and the ONLY difference here. But because you want to perpetuate a claim that prison = black ppl, you’re punching your keyboard in fury over some shit you are literally searching for. You’re reaching. So take the band-aids off your fingers, turn off the Dead Prez playlist and step back from the keyboard.

          • fuckinyehdotcom

            Like I said before, if you think your energy is best spent defending the perpetuating attitude that ties black people to the prison industrial complex – to repeat, no predominantly white fashion runway show has garnered ‘convict’ labels – then please, go ahead, and I’m not going to stop you.

            I would simply advise you that a) perhaps your energy would be better spent on more intellectually challenging battles if this is really so simple and b) you’d be a lot more convincing if you were able to apply the zeal with which you attack me into attacking the ideas and sentiments that I am trying to express.

      • realtrehunnaJR Bow

        ooo kill em

  • Noe/Edub

    Same ol Barneys Bullshit. Kind of Ironic that the post about Jay having his capsule collection in there is right below this.

    Seriously tho, a Ferragamo belt? 300 bucks? Jeezus.

  • vlad

    You see it’s broke nigga racism
    That’s that “Don’t touch anything in the store”

    • http://blackanismo.blogspot.com/ Rafaello Myles

      New Slaves!!!
      People should drop these type of stereotypes, we live in a free society and racism is horrible crime. I hope he sues them for all his worth.

  • uoeno