Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2014 Is Definitely Shiny

Tom Ford, a designer typically associated with impeccably tailored suits and that one Jay Z song that made everyone go, "Oh, OK, I get it now, Jay Z is a terrible rapper" has returned for F/W 14 with his most casual collection to date. And, by casual I mean, there's no ties or no dress shirts in the mix and there's sneakers. It's kind of hard to tell if this really sucks or not based on these photos, but they're definitely shiny, so there's that. The rest of the gear is pretty standard high-end men's fashion designer fare. Actually, that shearling lined coat is a boss and a half cop, but that shit's gonna to cost more than a year's rent.

  • prickasso

    Couldn’t agree with you more re:boss and a half cop shearling and also re:Tom Ford the song

  • WAVY

    Who’s saying Hov is a terrible rapper? The kid who’s unironically bumping Chief Keef? Who pretends Yeezus was not a pile of hot garbage and swears he didn’t start wearing J’s and talking all ”urban” like 17 months ago?

  • fuccyouraunty

    so ill. L

  • Deaunte

    I liked this collection!


  • Dave s

    “Gonna to cost more than a year’s rent” English to you get some