Tommy Ton Shot The Best Yeezus Tour Pictures You Will Ever See

Lord TT, as us folk in "the biz" like to call him, or whom peasants may know as "Tommy Ton", is on a fucking roll. After showcasing super rare photos of visvim's Indigo Camping Trailer earlier this week, he just dropped two photosets from the Yeezus Tour that are as beautiful and jaw-dropping as the show itself. They are also bound 2 (GET IT!) induce severe levels of jealously because it's clear Tommy Ton has incredible seats, both because he was shooting for and because he is actually really friends with Kanye West, becoming his sort-of-official-but-not-technically-official live performance photographer. After all, this is the man that took the famed South Park photo that Kanye has linked to Givenchy's success in urban communities.

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  • Nic

    this tour looks raw as fuck

  • Dagoat Man

    kanye that shit looks amazing as fuck… but you are getting mad chubby my dude

    • Alex

      He’s a dad now, you’re allowed to let go.

      • Dagoat Man

        I’m just saying, it’d be sad if he up and pulled a marlon brando on us

  • Philip Tabah

    Anyone could have taken photos like this..

    • Lawrence

      Word, Phillip? Let’s see your pics from the tour in that case.

      • Todd C.

        I don’t tend to comment on things, but Lawrence, you have to be one of the worst editors in publishing. It’s one thing to advocate for your writers, it’s another to just sabotage other people’s opinions. You’re like a creepy Uncle.

        • Lawrence

          Thanks for taking the time to comment, Todd. I mean, I stand by my product and my writers, not that Tommy or his work falls under that umbrella. Also, I don’t see how voicing my own opinions somehow sabotages those the others. As for the creep uncle comparison, well, I’ve got nothing. I absolutely dress like one and if you’ve ever heard the sound of my voice before…

  • hiphollywood13

    Anyone who knows anything about photography could have shot those. Ya’ll just hype Tommy Ton because he gives you free photographs.

    • Philip Tabah

      So legit.

    • Philip Tabah

      So legit.

    • Marc

      People say this, yet I don’t see any other pictures that compare to what Tommy does, whether it be Yeezus Tour or street style. Unless of course people “who know anything about photography” just simply choose to not use the internet and keep their pictures to themselves.

      To conclude – since I’m guessing you’re a hypebeast who has used this before – pics or it didn’t happen.

      • hiphollywood13

        Because no one else is allowed to shoot his concert. That’s the only reason. He didn’t take those pictures with an iPhone asshole. He was the official photographer for the event.

        • Marc

          Okay, and what about his street style? There are hundreds of photographers taking pictures of the same people, yet his consistently stand out above the rest. But I’m guessing that’s just because we “hype him because he gives [us] free photographs”? Except he doesn’t; he makes a lot of money off of every single picture you see.

  • thib

    goat performer

  • James

    Hey do you guys like Kanye West at all?

  • Daniel

    I had seats that good, but my cell phone pictures just don’t compare. Nice photos!


    What is it with four pins writers and their hands always cupping kanye’s balls? Everyday someone’s posting about this dudes crazy
    “I don’t care!” antics, his clothes (Wooptyfuckindoo! Hey every clown now wants their parents to buy them Visvim for christmas!), and his “original” music that dupes fashionista morons into feeling like they’re so fucking cool exclusive martin marvin marjela handbag oner!

    • TRILL BA$$

      Four-Pins is like owned by or some shit…

      I´m actually surprised they don´t dickride MORE than they do.

      • Dr. Steve

        I’m sorry, I can’t take you seriously with that avatar.

  • Hubristical

    Great pics but why do you guys consistently suck Tommy Ton’s d-ck? He’s cool but I mean damn!…is he on the payroll??

  • Guest

    Kanye links everything he does to peoples’ giving a shit

  • Angelo

    Fuck up already about four pins dickriding kanye and tommy ton – collectively they’ve done more for fashion then any of you could even conceive – n if you DIDN’T give a fuck about them, why’d you click the article about tommy fucking ton and kanye my dudes?

  • Paul

    you are obsessed with this guy