Tommy Ton’s Most Stylish Men In The World

Contrary to popular belief, making lists, like pimpin', ain't easy. So, when it came time to narrow down the most stylish men in world, it made sense to turn to pretty much the only guy qualified to take such subjective matters and make them, well, objective. I'm not gonna lie, having the greatest street style photographer alive on speed dial is what made this possible. This is 100% Tommy's list and that's exactly what makes it worthwhile. Always a fan, first and foremost, Tommy lives and breathes this stuff, which is exactly what makes his work and perspective so compelling. Believe me when I say that the Four Pins brain trust knows when to fold 'em and hand the reins over to someone much more up for the job than ourselves. Without further ado, in his own words and favorite pictures, we are pleased to present the most stylish men in the world according to Tommy Ton himself.

  • Jamal

    Josh Peskowitz?

    • James Jean

      Shoo in. Didn’t even need to read this list yet and felt like I needed to tell you that.

      • Kanye West

        Pesko > Woost and especially Chai

    • Queef Richards

      dude tries way too hard to look italian. and why u need 5 layers ? really son

  • Themediabull

    Nick Wooster is so overrated

    • andre

      True, but he’s doing something right. 50 y.o still doing it, very rare.

  • Dave

    This list is excellent. It’s refreshing to feel envious of someone’s style rather than just their clothes.

  • Dave s

    I agree about Wooster. Most of the time his clothes are too tight and pants too too short. Looks like an old man trying to dress younger, but not just younger, somewhere around 5th or 6th grade younger. Like a slightly perverted British schoolmaster .

  • Third Looks

    Solid list. It’s been great to see Stephan Mann’s style evolve to where it’s at now.

  • frank gordon

    hey shitheads, this is tommy’s list so check your best friends at the door.

  • charlotte

    Milan Vukmirovic. that fine ass mother.

    • thetrilltroll

      he’s a mother?

  • squatty

    Nick Wooster sucks. nothing unique about him.. think about it, he started park and bond.

    • Lawrence

      Started Park & Bond? Congrats squatty, you are today’s most uniformed reader.

      • James Jean


  • S. Jacking

    Never not suplying brazilian websites with fresh content:

  • taylor bonostro

    finally, no actors! :)

  • Ronnie D.

    Never heard of a single one of these guys.

  • Jibril and Jalan Durimel

    Hands down these guys are very stylish, but it’s a little repetative. Nick woosters list contained almost the same men, and it’s always these super “dapper” looks
    that only these particular men can relate to. Why not branch out and ask different types of men. Like me! haha :p

    – Jibril Durimel