Tommy Ton’s Summer Style Tips

Yes, Tommy Ton is the world's greatest street style photographer. Period. End of discussion. Get all the fuck the way out of here forever if you disagree. But behind the camera is a man constantly seeking inspiration from others and one who truly understands the fashion industry and, more importantly, his own role within it. That isn't to say he doesn't have a slight advantage when it comes to predicting the newest trends (just think about all the photos he's taken that haven't made it to the Internet), but he does what he does because he's ultimately a fan in the purest sense who wants the best—to be blown away by new things, whether they be by products, people or art. It's his passion that makes him great, and why we turned to him to serve up some tips on being the best version of yourself this summer. And, oh yeah, it starts by not outfit trolling him at Fashion Week in an effort to get your picture snapped. As Tommy puts it, "I love catching the fish that swim away."

  • huiche7

    Haha “Four Pins makes me want to be better”…

  • huiche7

    Haha “Four Pins makes me want to be better”…

    • kirkpatrick

      “The Flyknit changed my life”

      like sneakers didnt exist before this

      • huiche7

        Haha. But the Flyknit is the hybrid menswear and street-wear holy grail piece…

  • Callum McCulloch

    I’m not questioning Tommy’s skill behind the lens, but surely there is a discussion when it comes to the BEST. What about, the OG, Bill Cunningham?

  • queb

    This is pretty solid advice, especially the buying Japanese stuff in Japan tip. I live by that rule.

  • AllWhite_AllRight

    hahaha summer is ending bruh you’re late

  • Andrew

    “I’m bored of Fashion Week style, but I love style.” THANK YOU, someone had to say it.

  • John

    Seems like a lovely bloke!

  • West Coast Keish

    These tips are actually pretty good. I feel like the last one was just thrown in there though. Self-promotion much?