The Total Absence Of Pants

EG's tunic game is so on one right now. They've put out a lot of patterned and floral versions, but those are in the very real danger zone of "grandma's favesies summer dress." Not that there's anything wrong with that because shoutout to grandmas forever. But perhaps you'd like to first get your feet wet with a more toned down model like this all white number. That way, you can rock it under other, more flagrant (in a good way) EG jawnzs, such as this floral Bedford jacket. Keep in mind, this whole look would be best completed with some Riccardo Tisci x Nike thigh highs and the total absence of pants.

  • thetrilltroll

    Looks like a plain kurta

    • Nerd

      i ordered one, but since i read this comment i cant stop seeing myself doing bollywood dances. fuck. 100% returning.

      • Austin

        Kurtas are v swaggy and you sound like a baby back bitch right now #tuniclyfe

        • Nerd

          ok ok ill keep it jesus

  • mike

    is it really “so on one right now” bro are you sure?

    • Nick Grant