Trading Card-Based Role-Playing Game Tournaments

I see you, Gant Rugger. This cardigan—in both navy and gray—will give you that noragi feel without the noragi teasing from those around you. It's called the "Gathering Cardigan," which makes it sound like you would wear it to some sort of trading card-based role-playing game tournament. Dubious name associations aside, I would definitely recommend it. You will look classy wearing it under a jacket, but as soon as you wanna get weird, just hit the hood button.

  • Michael

    i know you know what Magic the Gathering is Jon Moy. I have an old Shivan Dragon if you wanna get together and trade cards some time

  • Jean Paul Versace

    “Noragi Teasing” — it’s a very real and hurtful thing, people

  • Luchini

    Awww shit. I get all scared when you post things I want to buy, I’m scared they’ll sell out before my broke ass can hawk enough shit on eBay to afford it.