@Trevso_Electric’s Summer Style Tips

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Trevor S. is not a full-time comedian, but, thanks to the magical world of Twitter, that shit doesn't matter. His accounts, @trevso_electric and @danced_blessed, have garnered a following upwards of 50,000 devoted fans (Trevheads? JK), anxious to hear his next witticism, Rick Ross impersonation, or completely fucking ridiculous day-to-day observation. In fact, it's Trevor's awareness of man's innate desire to be a total asshat 99.9% of the time that had us wondering what, exactly, his least favorite summer styles were, conveniently served up here as a part of our "Summer Style Tips" series.

  • Young Nigga

    What is so bad about short sleeved button downs?

    • Hummus

      Everything. Everything is bad about short sleeved button downs. There’s a reason wearing one with a tie is just about the creepiest look normally possible without stepping out of a rusted out windowless van.

      • D-FENS

        Naw, just need the right glasses/haircut and that shit is hard as fuck (see: Falling Down)

  • Kenneth Noisewater

    this fucking website..

  • queb

    This guy is mostly picking low-hanging fruit and when he’s not he’s
    quoting Macklemore which automatically invalidates his opinion on