Triple Beam Flipping Gear Dreams

Que Pasa Shop is an online consignment store. You can sign up to sell stuff or just buy shit you couldn’t afford at full price. I bet you already have triple beam flipping gear dreams about clothing you don’t wear anymore so you can pay for more gear that you eventually won’t wear. You could always post stuff on forums and eBay, but this site has a taco icon you can move around. And cowboy boots. You can’t underestimate that kind of digital ambiance. Que Pasa is currently stocked with Junya, EG, Nepenthes, CdG, Nike and more. So, basically Tumblr, but gently used.

  • Angelo

    Good looking out yung Moy, QPS GL Crew on the come up.

  • Jack

    These guys charge a 15% fee of the final sale price! Forums are free and even eBay is only 10%. This is a fucking joke. The only have about 40 things for sale. Don’t waste your time.

  • Juicy D

    This is great!