Turn The Ashes Of Your Dead Loved Ones Into Diamonds!

Whoa. There are some seriously inventive people in this world. Apparently, this company Algordanza will turn the ashes of your dead loved ones into diamonds. Naturally, I was totally creeped the fuck out by this at first, but then I realized that it’s not really any weirder than scattering Pop Pop’s ashes all over some weird Par 3 course where he got a hole in one.

Can you even imagine turning Nana into some ill bling? How many Nanas would it take to make me a set of giant diamond earrings like the ones Nelly wore in the "Tip Drill" video? What about beloved family pets? I bet your dog is good for, like, at least a promise ring or some shit.

Algordanza lets potential customers know that the diamonds they create by crushing your loved one’s ashes under incredible, hellfire-like heat and pressure, will have a bluish hue to them due to trace elements of boron. AND BECAUSE THE SOUL OF A DEAD HUMAN BEING IS NOW TRAPPED INSIDE OF A REMEMBRANCE NECKLACE. If this is something you are seriously interested in perusing, at least have the common decency to set your new iced out soul trap in 24k gold.