Underground Pokemon Battles

Guys, I think I want to be English. I mean, not really, but I do want to wear bucket hats year-round and say things like, “Got some new clobber in,” when I buy shit, and generally just be rather nonplussed at the world and its various goings on. These buckets from paa are USA made from Melton wool. 19oz Melton wool to be exact. The heavyweight wool gives these hats a bit more substance than your regular bucket, which means they may lend themselves to slightly more formal events than a normal bucket. You could totally wear this hat to an underground Pokemon battle AND a decent brunch with your girlfriend, her friend and her friend’s boyfriend she’s trying to get you to become friends with.

  • SB

    Jon, Lad.

    Just like East River Pipe tell it;

    Hell is an open door

    C’mon everybody get in

    Hell is an open door

    Don’t miss your chance to sin

    Love from the UK

  • Nerd

    Jon, mate.

    Your piss-poor malarky’s getting right on my nerves. Stop fannying around and pipe down before you cause any more aggro.

    More love from the UK.