Uniqlo Launches E-Commerce, Broke People Everywhere Rejoice

Uniqlo has finally come out of the dark ages and decided to try out this little thing called the Internet to sell their clothes. Seriously, how the fuck are these Japanese dudes the last people to get on the Internet? That literally makes no sense. It's, like, anti-Japanese come to think of it. Shit, it's practically Mongolian! How about we move past all these Asian rivalries and just focus on to how Uniqlo is going to be my fucking homepage from here on out. You know who had the right idea? Crime Mob, that’s who. If there’s anything I need in my life it’s to be knuckin’ whilst buckin’ in my cheap, well-fitting white tees. God bless Uniqlo and god bless Crime Mob.

  • Edward

    To be fair, they’ve had online stores in the rest of the world for a while. It most likely has to do with their supply chain; they wouldn’t have been able to keep on top of the demand caused by a US online store. I’m sure they’ve found a way to remedy that, what with the opening of the SF and NJ stores and plans for rapid expansion within the next few years.

    Also, props on somehow connecting this to Crime Mob, though Dem Franchize Boyz would have been a less forced/equally as gutter reference. Let’s not forget, they composed an enthralling mid-2000s skreet anthem dedicated entirely to celebrating the ubiquitous ‘hood garment.