United Arrows Fall/Winter 2014 Is A Smart Move

First things first (no Iggy), there is A LOT going on here. But as expected, United Arrows F/W 14 is wildly on point. The lookbook shows off the brand's own upcoming line as well as inclusions from other favorites like OAMC, Sleepy Jones and Hancock. I guess this is what you'd call a true lookbook. Everything isn't exclusively UA, but it's all styled together to match the brand's aesthetic. That's a smart move. They know we can't go head-to-toe UA all the time, even though we would if we could. So, pair those pieces with analogous brands that can Voltron up and just like that you've created a relatable, real life alphet scenario. Very good strategery if I do say so myself.

From where I'm sitting, UA F/W 14 is a blend of '60s English schoolboy paired with edgier Trainspotting type looks aka they really fucking nailed it. They even dropped a Shiba in there for good measure. You think they don't know what Internet dweebs want? They definitely know. You can pick up UA's new fall garb directly from the brand and hopefully at your local menswear shop because it would be a massive misstep to not carry United Arrows in 2014.

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    Jon Moy just coolin in slide 8