Unnecessary K’s = Maybe Racist

Delikatessen shows off their 2014 spring/summer lookbook. I could talk about the clothes but c’mon, that’s too easy. Let’s talk about the label name. I know, Delikatessen is Amsterdam based so maybe the ‘k’ instead  of ‘c’ is due to whatever language they speak in Amsterdam (all I know about Amsterdam is weed and the redlight district), but still every time I see an unnecessary k in a word, I think racist. So evidently I’d mistakenly think most people in Amsterdam were racists based on the way they spell words. I’d be like “Good weed, but I think that guy is a racist. Can stoners be racist?” The only word that gets a pass for using a k instead of a c is Mortal Kombat. Who was your go-to guy in that game? If you picked the dude who punched dudes in the nuts as a special move, you lose in life bro. STRAIGHT UP RAYDEN LIGHTNING BOLTS OR SCORPION GET OVER HERE MOVES ALL DAY.


  • Cursive Verses

    Turquoise yellow shirt is gold!

  • Lord Quas

    c’mon you can love fashion but don’t forget to learn more about other thing cuz your article was so fuckin stupid, you are not a clever man !

  • whaeva

    well have you ever thought the name is not an English name? do you know that other languages have different spelling even if the word is pronounced the same? ah, obviously not.