Unwise, Young Go-Hard

Norse Projects has been on fire with their sneaker collab game as of late. Those New Balances they released were la flame, and no, I was not able to acquire them because my #influencer card has yet to arrive in the mail. These Vans Chukkas and Eras are quite strong and use some sort of flannel or tweed that they made a super serious video about, which makes them somewhat acceptable for winter. Although, let's be real, your feet would still be crazy cold in these. That's not a dig at these shoes in particular, but low top vans when there's snow on the ground? Really? Pssshhhh. Unwise, young go-hard. However, those chukkas are a different story. They'd probably hold up well versus the tundra, so, I don't know, buy the whole fucking collection as far as I care. The Norse Projects x Vans Vault collection launches September 28 at 8pm CET, whenever the fuck that is.

  • booboobb

    this post is a great example of why I love four-pins. Great job fuckers

  • http://yachtclubhottub.tumblr.com/ prickasso

    summer sneakers (vanz or supergz) with heavy socks in cold weather is kinda my shit, but you’re right that waffle soles and snow is a fool’s combination

  • FarouqFux