V Premium Pricepoints

Oh, sweet baby Jesus. We showed you the full Common Projects S/S 14 collection last week and now, the best style of the bunch, the BBall High, is available for purchase for the v premium pricepoint of $545. That's SOOO MUCH MONEY, But FUUUUUU cause these are maybe the most perfect sneakers of all time. All black suede upper reminiscent of '80s Nike basketball shoes outfitted with a gum sole AND made in Italy? Is such perfection even possible? Someone talk me off the ledge before I do something reckless like drop $600 on plain black sneakers. But don't because I really want them. But do because I need to eat. But don't because these will only look better when I'm, like, supes skinny.

4 Responses to “V Premium Pricepoints”

  1. Evil Merino

    Cotdamn those are so perfect. My one issue (because I’m insecure and care about other peoples opinion of me) are the plebs who are gonna see these and be like “Pshh dudes so broke he had to buy imitation Dunk Hi/Jordan 1’s LOL” and inside I’ll be screaming.

    • Stinky Steak n Cheese

      I really wouldn’t worry about that. Any idiot saying something like that, shouldn’t make you feel insecure. FUCK!


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