VIETTO And HVRMINN And Minn Hur’s Big Balls

Let me preface everything I am about to say with this: One time I made some clothing with some friends, and even though at our peak we were only putting out four shirts and four shoes, that shit was HARD. Like, incredibly time consuming and difficult and, yeah sure, rewarding, but did I mention how hard it was? So, it makes total and complete sense that up-and-coming designer Minn Hur would reveal himself to the world by designing TWO menswear collections. I don't know Minn Hur, but dude's got balls—big balls. It all started two years ago when Minn and his buddy Kevin launched HVRMINN, a custom tailor service in NYC. For F/W 13, HVRMINN is now a full ready-to-wear and made-to-measure collection being produced within the hallowed and distinguished halls of Martin Greenfield's NYC mecca of American tailoring. I would imagine this stuff is going to be expensive, but it's fucking awesome, so whatever, stop buying colorful sneakers and save your money. Back to the balls on this Minn Hur guy—he's also designing a line of military inspired outerwear under the name VIETTO. VIETTO is owned by a bunch of Koreans who I assume know Minn because he's Korean too and all Korean people know each other, right? For my money (which technically doesn't "exist" right now), this is where Minn's talent really comes through. I'm not saying the suited and booted HVRMINN looks aren't fantastic because they are (I believe the term I used was "fucking awesome), I'm just saying this VIETTO outerwear is perfectly progressive and feels more "right now" than 99.624% of everything else that's on the market. Both collections are above, starting with VIETTO and flipping the HVMINN switch as soon as you get to the guy pondering whether or not he really wants to try and have sex with that deer skull. Like I was saying, big ass balls, huh?

  • Alex

    it’s true. im korean and i know min. he’s come a long way. good shit.

  • manshion

    the balls on this guy! balls

  • David

    Damn I have to agree 100%. Also feeling those super heavy trouser cuffs. Also also time to grow a beard again.

  • Josh

    The tailoring has loosened up a bit in a positive way, and this is a good stuff!

  • JHilla

    You’ve had sex with one deer skull, you’ve had sex with them all.

  • ed

    I criticize a lot of stuff that comes on this site, but Four Pins and LAS have it correct here. Thanks for introducing me to where I’ll be dropping my fall paycheques. He is working with volume in a way a lot of designers are not.