Virgil Abloh’s Off-White Is For Sale At Collette, Is More Expensive Than We Could Have Ever Imagined

Last month, Virgil Abloh unveiled Off-White, a new brand we deemed to be essentially a more luxurious version of his previous label, Pyrex Vision. From the color schemes to the graphics, the brand didn't promise much on innovation, but rather more on a level of quality that we expect from the type of prices Abloh charges given that the garments were said to be made in Italy. Abloh previewed the collection in Paris during Fashion Week, and it's already for sale at one of the world's most well-known and well-respected retail stores, Colette.

If you were expecting that promise of quality to be reflected in Off-White's pricing, then you are a very perceptive and intelligent human being. T-shirts in the collection will run you 215 Euros (approx. $300), shorts are 170 Euros (approx. $240), while the most expensive items from the first drop are the "Caravaggio" hoodies (yes, the same artist utilized for Pyrex's hoodies), which are 340 Euros (approx. $465). It's fair to assume that the fabrics, construction and dyes used in Off-White are vastly superior to the Champion gear used for Pyrex Vision, but $465 for a fucking hoodie is still $465 for a fucking hoodie. There's no word yet on when other Off-White items, such as the jeans, tank tops, flannels, army jackets or espadrilles will arrive, but expect them, and their similarly outrageous price tags, in the coming months.