A Visual History Of Soulja Boy Stunting On Them Haters

When Drake unleashed a song in the midst of his "Trophies" build-up, it did not feature any of the usual big-name suspects that dominate popular radio and music blogs. Many people, h8rz included, were surprised to find Soulja Boy, of all rappers, getting opening and closing duty on "We Made It".

"He's irrelevant!" they shouted. "Oh, Soulja Boy's on it? Pass!" one tweeted. "What is this? 2009?" another h8r proudly posted.

See, he never went away—you just stopped paying attention. What them h8rz weren't aware of is that they were being stunted on by a man who has a long and storied history of stunting on them h8rz. Do you think some Internet stranger's joke tweet or an ex-lover's jealousy is going to affect a man named Soulja Boy who made a song about stopping Joseph Kony, effectively condemning boy soldiers? The answer is, decidedly, NO.

Including Soulja on "We Made It" turned out to be one of the savviest tricks Drake has ever pulled. The song is a testament to overcoming and unabashedly flaunting your success much to the chagrin of nonbelievers. Rub that shit in the naysayers faces like apricot scrub—it's good for them. Soulja Boy is the main reason this song is so delightful. The chorus and beat are anthemic, sure, but, the highlight is Soulja interrupting Drake's verse to inform us, "Damn, Soulja Boy stunt on them haters."

He sounds taken aback by his own actions, as if he can't believe the ferocity and malice with which is he able to stunt on them h8rz. But, much like Whitney Houston, Soulja Boy simply doesn't know his own strength, for he has stunted on them h8rz for so long that at this point it basically happens subconsciously. Stunting pulses through Soulja's body—it lives deep within his sinew.

We aren't here to argue Soulja's talent (limitless and diverse) or his place in the current landscape of rap (he is a legend). We're not saying Soulja Boy is a better rapper than Pimp C because he has crashed two Bentleys, while Pimp C has only crashed one, however compelling that evidence may be. We are here to document DeAndre Way's steadfast commitment to stunting on them h8rz through his actions and laboriously put together outfits. Perhaps, we could all learn a thing or two from the master.

Damn, Justin Roberson just stunted on them haters. You can follow him on Twitter here.

  • OGstunnabrando


  • Alberto

    did he pay you for this article ?

    • Diddy Thagoat

      U mad nigga souljaaaaaaa

    • Steve

      if you cant realize this is a joke you’re a lost cause…

      • Alberto

        wow…what a genius…maybe i’m ironic too ? you’re a lost cause…

  • Holiday Kirk

    Low key Soulja Boy is top 10 most influential rappers of all time. Bigger than rap, consider marketing savvy and social media knowhow.

    • London Calling

      Where does that place Lil B, then? Soulja Boy pretty much followed in his footsteps, if not jocking much of his style.

      • Holiday Kirk

        Lil B wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Soulja Boy. Cultivating a massive fanbase online was practically invented by him. But I get what you’re talking about too.

        • Vito Semion Defronzo

          Lil B was rappin with The Pack in the bay before soulja was even on though. After B blew up Soulja took that mane swag, his adlibs, even his style of rapping. Fail.

          • Holiday Kirk

            I was going to respond to your comment but then I saw you finished with “Fail.” and thought “Why bother?”

          • Vito Semion Defronzo

            …..yet you responded

          • Holiday Kirk

            Indeed I did. It’s time to rethink my life strategies.

          • Ekwinoks

            They both suck, who cares the only thing tht matters is soulja boi was able to achieve a level of celebrity off some bul shit in a way tht lil b has not been able to do so yea that’s an L for B

  • Realistic


  • Jonney Terry

    i would never want to be souja boy

    • Diddy Thagoat

      Soulja would never want to be a bitch like you

  • Jonney Terry

    @diddythagoat:disqus you a dick rider all on souja boy. Go fuck a goat with your bitch ass.

  • Bill Gates

    The most poorly designed website I have ever come across.

  • Peter Ahmed Conteh

    hahaha……..the amount of butthurt here. Chill peeps, the article is a satire. We all know Soulja Boy is a bitch nigga

  • Princess Sertia Arellano

    Soulja Boy is on Point and i love his Music I am a support of him Cuz with all these Haterzzz I can’t say it enough…. Haterzz Make us Famous

    • fuccyouraunty

      greatest troll of all time. salute

  • fuccyouraunty


  • deptember

    deptember though

  • Jamie Jimbo Cadet

    Is this a joke ?

    • Ekwinoks


    • BauceSauce

      This could not be more serious.

  • Rimer

    Love the Surf Ninjas Reference

  • Lamar Davis

    Aint nobody stuntin like my boy Franklin! He got the best cars. The best bitches. AND the best Weed!

  • do ya research

    Soulja wasn’t featured, it was his own damn song. Drake rapped over it.

    • BauceSauce

      Of course it was Soulja’s first. Never said it was Drake’s. I asserted that Drake released a song that had Soulja Boy on it.

  • lackin

    All that money but still can’t get his hair lined straight. Smh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chrismoore247 Christopher Moore

    I use to be a hater. But after understanding expression and success, Soulja is a wise guy. He loves to motivate people. I am truly surprised how he changed his style and also how he has been laying low. My favorite joint my him is “Hold You Down”. Very fly…