Walking The Proverbial Tightrope Between Super Corny And Super Next Level

This Phenomenon bomber is really walking the proverbial tightrope between super corny and super next level. On one hand, it saves you the trouble of having to style some plaid joint under your navy MA-1, but also, like, why on earth would anyone want that? I mean, I'd probably wear this for a few weeks until some girl made fun of me by telling me it looks like I'm wearing a plaid skirt under my coat and then regret buying it, but I guess there's only one to find out. Then again, some girl could also come up to me and say how amazing my jacket is at which point I'd probably be required to marry her on site TBH.

  • Geof

    More corny than next level tbh

  • Dick Rooster

    yo this shit is the bomber equivalent of a sweater with a shirt collar sewn in

    whack AF

  • Caste

    the shorts tho

  • god

    No. Just, no.