Unexceptional, Expensive Basics Are Worth $726 Million Dollars

Last Friday, Businessweek published a story regarding frequent Gilt resident Vince and how the label is now worth a shit ton of money. To be exact, after pricing at a better than anticipated $20 a share during last week's IPO, Vince—now Vince Holding—is worth $726 million dollars. Basically, this is a lesson in good business. The way to win over consumers is to make unexceptional pseudo-expensive basics. I mean, I'm totally fine with Vince's clothes, but if you've ever been to one of their stores or stockists, you'll basically find slightly slimmer, more European looking versions of otherwise pretty standard garments such as button down shirts, topcoats and V-neck whatevers. So, if you're out there trying to start a "movement" with some super directional, avant garde high-fashion/streetwear futuristic Internet age bullshit, maybe you should reconsider.

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    Guys, do you research – Vince Holding Corp owns shittons of stakes in other ventures ranging from clothing manufacturers, property developers and government bonds. This has very little to do with the clothing.

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