Warmth To Douchebag Ratio

Are you still a lame getting caught in the rain with your leather bomber? Well, I have here for you a revelation—a bomber you can even wear in the rain, a bomber that pushes that frontiers of fashunz, a bomber that has nothing to do with bombing as far as I can tell. I bring to you Private White V.C.’s quilted wax-cotton bomber jacket. This bomber will give you the perfect warmth to douchebag ratio that every male who’s into fashion needs during the winter months. If you have absolutely NO idea on how to style this you can click on Mr. Porter’s styling video, which is more awkward than watching Michael Cera trying to speak to a female in EVERY FUCKING MOVIE HE’S EVER BEEN IN. Seriously Mr. Porter, what’s the fucking deal with that? Throw a hot track over it or something. Thanks for deflating my fashion boner.

  • Pete

    Id buy it but i dont like your stupid text with the word douchebag, idiotic internet humor try to sell your products without it so a serious person can shop in your store

    • lawrences

      We don’t have a store though, Pete.

  • warren

    this would be another humdrum blog if the word “douche-bag” wasn’t in the post fool asking and even commenting about a store I mean don’t read this blog man if you dont get it okay?. Mens fashion lacks creativity . This is the first time we have a window into how men react to fashion . Do us all a favor don’t read this blog if you don’t get it. I cant………………

  • warren

    its a plane no its a bird no its a blog man there’s no store ……….