Watch Terrible People Steal Air Yeezy’s From A Homeless Guy

Wow, people are horrible. But, then again, people are awesome too. Anyhow, this video demonstrates how far some people will go to get their hands on some Yeezy's. See, these guys got themselves some fake Red Octobers, pretended to be a sleeping homeless man, set up some cameras and let people straight ether their integrity via sheer greed and wild lapses in judgment. WHO THE FUCK WOULD STEAL FROM ANYONE, LET ALONE A HOMELESS DUDE?

Listen, you need to earn your shit by doing things like selling drugs and raking in Google AdSense scrilla, not by stealing shit. NOBODY LIKES A THIEF. Shouts to the people who tried to justify the theft because the owner of the shoes is homeless and will "probably just sell them for alcohol." That shit reminds me of the horrible people that, when asked for a dollar by the homeless, respond with, "I won't give you money, but I'll buy you a meal." NEWSFLASH: THAT FUFU LAME SHIT IS PATRONIZING AS FUCK. HE ASKED YOU FOR A DOLLAR, NOT SOMETHING TO EAT. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GIVE HIM A DOLLAR, THEN DON’T GIVE HIM A FUCKING DOLLAR. END OF STORY. Oh, you don't want to support destructive behavior? FUCK YOU, SON. YOU PARENTS HAVE SUPPORTED YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE UP UNTIL THIS POINT AND YOU HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT ONE DESTRUCTIVE OUTBURST AFTER ANOTHER. Like, they aren't even complaining that you're using your college education to get an unpaid internship in NYC that will lead absolutely nowhere. Also, all of the love to the girl who stops the potential thief. You the real MVP.

  • nerd-182

    Shouts out to the dude who tried to steal them and then tried to act like he was bros with the dude playing the homeless guy….

    • Nick Grant

      I think he was part of the act to see if the girl would actually stop him. That’s why he was talking on the phone so loud when she was standing there. That’s what I gathered from it…either that or this whole thing is fugazi.

      • nerd-182

        Ahhhh ok, that’d make more sense.

        • observer

          he was friends with the homeless guy. He’s in the video again at like 4.08. eyes on the prize nerd

  • pohyo

    id probably pour gas over the shoes and the homeless and set them both on fire :) dont believe the hype!