We Influenced Rick Owens x Adidas, But What Else Is New?

Remember how yesterday we joked that you should lie and tell people these super dope Nike's were an exclusive Rick Owens collabo? Well, turns out we were right on the collaborative sneaker part, just not with Nike. Dude probably changed his decision last minute so that he wouldn't seem too #influenced by us. All we really know about the collaboration thus far is that there's something like 6 men's styles in the mix and Owens wanted to do the collection because he decided now that he's in his 50's, he should start running. This all makes perfect sense if you've ever seen somebody try to run in a pair of Dick dunks.

  • queb

    I was psyched but I read that the shoes will retail at 400-500 dollars, so still out of reach.

  • based G

    oh did my comment make you write that? 😉
    also the pic arent dunks, theyre geobaskets

  • Well informed buddy

    Rick has been collaborating with adidas for years, he’s been overlooking their SLVR line since the first collection…