We’d Rather Not Discuss Raf Simons x Adidas

For the third consecutive season, Raf Simons has teamed up with Adidas on a collection of purposefully heinous footwear. I honestly don't even want to discus the outlandish fuckshit that's happening here. It's going to be expensive and people are going to buy these shoes. They're objectively ugly and it doesn't matter. At this point, Raf has earned the benefit of the doubt from enough people that he can get away with this, and maybe that's OK. I mean, the guy was about that Peter Saville shit before any of these other fuccbois. Really though, what's important are the Stan Smiths that Raf has ingeniously tweaked with a perforated "R." Wait, da fuck?

  • Cam

    Slide 9

  • Alex Bond

    slide 6:

  • WAVY

    The Stan Smiths look like cheap Rocawear knockoffs

  • nerd-182

    Can someone write Raf Simmons out of the fashion illuminati? There’s gotta be by laws against making shoes this ugly

    • dickwhacker420

      Raf has paid his dues though.

      • Anonymous

        Fashion illuminati? Damn, the only people who are “nxt lvl” in this whole post are you two guys. You’re nxt lvl fucking retarded.

  • oucho

    raf shoes are ~challenging~ from a design perspective and are meant to appeal to people with next level taste, not to the losers that write for four pins lol

    • Dillon

      the smell of fuccboi in the morning

      not a good smell.

    • mephisto

      lol you’re a joke

  • Jordan Baird

    TBH my overriding thought was about how expensive these are going to be, and who THE FUCK will actually be laying down that kind of cash. The Stan Smiths are just lazy, the skidoo sneaks are kinda cool but only in a gimmicky way and the moon boots are the only ones that actually have the ‘high fashion’ look (note: still don’t look good’

    The transformers and the starship destroyers in between look like they are trying way, way too hard and shout LOOK I’M A DESIGNER

  • Caste

    if those are snowboard boots they nice

  • Jerms

    Slides 10-14 are fancy Moonboots

  • gvsiroj

    the writer is stupid & ignant as fuck

  • visi
  • Lisa Simpson

    this guy needs to write like a writer.. ‘the outlandish fuckshit’? if you’re dat great, y don’t u make something better with adidas?

  • RoyHale

    you know nothing Jon Sn’hoe