The Week In NBA Style: November 15, 2013

"The Week In NBA Style" is a weekly series in which the inimitable and completely uneditable Pauly C breaks down week the that was in both on and off the court NBA fashion.

Pauly C is your favorite writer's favorite non-writer living in Maryland. You can follow his personal Tumblr here, see more of his favorite NBA fashion here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • AK

    Larry David’s mad.

  • billybob

    Not to be judgemental, but I must, how are you allowed to write for this site? You’re trying to flex your literary flow, but it’s garbage. Nah mean? No. You know. You aren’t articulate. This article sucks.

    • realtrehunnaJR Bow

      articulate? you wrong as fuck

    • jack

      go away jerk

  • Harrison Keith

    Yeah, it’s important to know that the “angry guy” is Larry David. The most paid of all those people right there.

    • Guy

      it’s embarrassing that you think he doesn’t know that

  • The Atlas

    Pauly C, who are you Pauly D’s fuckboy little brother?


    You took the time to write the article, why not write it properly?

  • Young God

    fronting like you don’t know who LD is or actually not knowing who LD is… how did that get past the editors??