Weird Eastern European Trainers

Cop some Spalwart sneakers because who the fuck cares anymore? Look, I've been trying to cultivate a minimal, almost uniform-like wardrobe for years and no one's even noticed. I wore the same sneakers for a month straight and no one at my local coffee shop was like, "Damn du, you have been killing the fits lately." I haven't heard one fucking person comment, "Low key, he's got the best personal style." FUCK IT, I'M JUST GONNA COP SOME WEIRD EASTERN EUROPEAN TRAINERS AND CALL IT A DAY.

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    Babes, I’m pretty sure Spalwart aren’t “eastern european”. They’re made in Sweden. That’s Scandinavia ya yank/wank. Duuuuuuh

    • Designer

      Not a typically Scandinavian style, though.

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    OK OK, OK these are made in Slovakia but the company is Swedish (and Superdenim told me before that they make their trainers in Swedenland). Sorreeeeeeee. I repent. I am a fool