Welcome To Dept. (B)

Did you guys know Barbour had a Dept. (B)? Evidently, Dept. (B) is their new, more technical, more forward thinking branch that has since replaced their To Ki To range. Who knew angling a chest pocket and adding some contrast details makes a jacket that much more expensive and limited? I’ve never owned a Barbour, but if I bought one I have this feeling I would need to find one of those low stone walls to hang out on that only seem to exist in English countrysides. Whose job is it to make those things and what the fuck is their purpose?

  • fouad

    Love the articles

    The principal functions of field boundaries are to mark a piece of land and to limit the movement of animals. Initially this may have been to keep wild animals away from crops or domesticated animals but their main uses today are to indicate ownership of land and to help manage sheep, cows and horses and prevent them eating crops or escaping.

    • http://theatlas.co/ The Atlas