We’re Just Going To Go Ahead And Assume This Is The Kind Of Thing Kanye West Masturbates To

When Kanye West isn’t masturbating to photos of himself, we're pretty sure this is what he has on repeat to get things going. Barneys has unleashed a full two minutes of bizarre gothic nonsense showcasing Givenchy's S/S 13 collection in all its spastic glory, and it's clear there are some distinct rules to wearing Givenchy properly:

1. Get a bowl cut.

2. Learn how to swing a bat properly.

3. Don't ever, ever, let those Virgin Mary scarves accidentally grace the crevices of your ball sack when you pose in front of a fan BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE STRAIGHT SACRILEGE AND YOU'D DEFINITELY BURN IN HELL FOR THAT ONE.

  • Yeezus

    You know me too well niggas haaaa

    • John Mayer

      LOL how are you mr.? Haven’t seen you since Bittersweet collab

  • Geoffrey

    (collectively) your best post ever

    • http://twitter.com/SoDaniel Daniel So


      • Geoffrey

        is a good place sometimes; are we finishing each others sentences because you should announce that stuff.

  • Ed Hardy

    Man, Givenchy clothing sure is cool.

    • John Mayer

      I see what you did there