What Dads Wear When They Do Dad Stuff

You need more T-shirts that come packaged like these Hickorees tees. I like when expensive T-shirts make me think of Hanes. I feel like these tees are the kind dads wear when they do dad shit. Like, spray hornets nests and fiddle with a lawnmower. I never want a house because then you have to clean out gutters and wave to your dumb neighbors and keep your kids from killing themselves by jumping off your roof, totally fucking up your newly cleaned gutters.

  • http://holderofaboulder.tumblr.com joe. the king of splag.

    By reading these articles you dudes make me think you are the best dressed most aloof 17 year olds ever. But the sad part for you guys (and funny part for me) is that you are probably at least 23.

  • Luchini

    Making a “premium” t-shirt and putting a tag on the collar is just not using your head. Ain’t no amount of organic cotton and Japenese shuttle loom wizadry saving you from an itchy ass neckline. Tagless or don’t bother.