What Sets Your Quilted Down Blazer Apart From Your Friend’s Quilted Down Blazer?

Herno makes really nice outwear in case you didn't know. And even though I act like down blazers are a little passé these days, they aren’t. Because being comfortable and versatile and expensive as fuck are three things that never go out of style. This particular jacket has a traditional button placket AND a zipper. You can never be too zipped up or buttoned up in the winter. So, there's that and the fact that extra details set your quilted down blazer apart from your friend’s quilted down blazer. And, most likely, that detail will be a zipper.

  • Andy

    I feel like no one has ever given you guys dap for how nice that effect is where the images for stories you’ve already clicked on are partially transparent. So, way to go on that, web team. Also, cool jacket.