What To Expect When You Begin Experimenting With Your Personal Style

Developing personal style is a big topic amongst editors, bloggers, forums—you name it, someone’s talking about how important it is to develop a personal sense of style. But how the fuck does does one even go about developing a signature style? Are you just born with it on some Maybelline type shit? Does it evolve Pokemon style? Do you just swagger jack everything around you? From my understanding, it’s all of the above, homeboy. Finding one’s style sweet spot is like puberty. It’s super fucking awkward, happens in front of an audience and there WILL BE photographs to document every single stage. The only way to get to the steezy pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is to take risks. You gotta experiment like Dexter, motherfuckers. It took Edison a shit ton of light bulbs before he came up with the right one. Same thing here. You're not gonna straight up invent the ShamWow on your very first go. More likely, you will blow the entire whole lab up. Thankfully, I’m older and bitterer than you so I can shed some light on what to expect as you begin experimenting with your personal style. It’s like the grail quest itself—full of heartbreak and tragedy. But if you succeed, well, then you ascend straight into Cucinelli’s Pitti Uomo dinners like Galahad did heaven. Consider this a heads up...

10 Responses to “What To Expect When You Begin Experimenting With Your Personal Style”

  1. Nick W.

    I am the “You Will Fuck Up” guy and I just want to say that it was the most amazing, hilarious, perfect thing opening this article and seeing myself. Thank you Jon Moy & Four-Pins.

  2. Chris

    I was crying with laughter reading this, it’s all so fucking true isn’t it.

    “The tie is fine, it’s the fucking cape man”

    Cue snot bubbles.

  3. Marc

    Jon is taking it wayyyy back! Vision Street Wear and pin rolled (stonewashed) jeans were killing it in the late 80’s early 90’s. But when I copped the OG Nike Air 180’s in 91 my preteen sense of superior style was in overdrive. My folks have a picture of me straight flossing in front of a Ferrari Testarossa we saw on vacation in my flyest outfit.
    Good times.

  4. Amanda

    hahaha! this is awesome. and it applies to every part in life! dope post.


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