What Your Favorite Online Shop Says About You

If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time looking at clothes on the Internet. And other than sites like this one, the only other place to look at clothes that you can actually buy are online shops. Just like we all have our favorite weird free porn streaming sites, or our favorite go-to work related tab that is always open just in case a narc co-worker tries to pull some surveillance on your incognito browsing, we all have our favorite shops that we spend hours at a time on, adding garments that we can't afford to wishlists and shopping carts. And I'm not judging you for window shopping via the world wide web. I'm not even gonna mention that slight bit of credit card debt you incurred last year after a particularly strong alphet come-up. Instead, I'm just gonna judge you on where you shop. Yup, I'm here to arbitrarily make fun of the establishments you electronically transfer your hard earned funds to in exchange for clothing you do not even remotely need. Is it you?

  • peycke

    Totokaelo snub?!? What are you fools doing?

    • Lawrence

      sorry breh can’t get to everything

      • peycke

        I spoke to soon. That swaggering genius piece makes everything else irrelevant. Shit rules bruh

        • Lawrence

          #bless up

  • blergh

    pretty spot on

  • Holiday Kirk

    ASOS: Student loans are a bitch and the whole website seems to go on clearance every other day.

    • Kendall Walls


  • Mephisto

    Gilt really did go to shit.


    That Haven one is spot on.

    • Hans_II

      Rly want those Hender Schemes. The thirst is real.

  • Frank da Plank

    You guys didn’t slander plndr, how come?

    • #lilbismyfriend2014

      low hanging fruit my dude

  • Mark

    It is essence ! ha ha….that shop is allover the place

  • Chief Queef

    Tres-bien and End Clothing mostly ova here.

  • #lilbismyfriend2014

    rakuten: you’re a brokeboi who wants to tell the net you wear visvim, so you cop some leftovers worn by some japanese guy 5 years ago for $50

  • tomandhuck

    Bureau Belfast?

  • tomandhuck


  • adebisi’s hat

    that oc description is actually vfiles

  • Nay Smith


  • rrrrrr

    Karmaloop, hypebeast?

    • Kendall Walls

      See plndr^^