What’s That Grenade, Margiela?

We got that ill fodder for your Tumblr thanks to Mago Dovjenko. Dovjenko takes a bunch of #menswear approved labels and throws them onto AK-47s and helmets and shit to make some kind of statement. Inspired by “Make Art not War”, Dovjenko decided to make fashion not war. Do you guys think using such commercialized logos and brands, Dovjenko is commenting on the privatization and profiteering from modern warfare? Perhaps just the glorification and fetishization of the implements of war by society? Instead of coming up with topic sentences for a decidedly poor contemporary art reaction paper, I’m just gonna say Don C should definitely get into the customized firearm business—that AK looks dope AF with some snakeskin thrown on it. How much for a Margiela grenade, my artistic dude? I bet that when it explodes, instead of shrapnel and mayhem, it shoots out razor sharp shards of insouciance.

  • Jamie Clawson

    Alexander Wang Stingray Leather Grenade – BOOM

  • Doge

    it is an art
    such violence
    very concept
    liek a poem
    many depth

  • Jerry Saltz

    Not to hate, or write off the amount of work that goes into the art…
    But hasn’t this idea been done before?

    Perhaps not in a weaponry context specifically, but how about Tom Sach’s Chanel guillotine or chainsaw? That sh*t is from 1992 I think.
    The whole “high fashion labels re-appropriated through other objects” is over.

    I feel Mr. Dovjenko might be the kind of artist that imitates other artists work, which is acceptable, but in this series it just seems like a copy of a copy type of thing.

    But then again, it’s fashion parody, so who really gives a f*ck?